Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters

Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters

Before I tell, “Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters,” let me brief about ebook conversion.

What is eBook Conversion

Ebook conversion is a process of creating a book that can be read on digital devices like Kindle, iPAD, Sony Readers, Smartphones, etc. Some of the devices, such as Kindle, have their own specific formats, for example, .mobi whereas many devices can read generic ebook format namely ePUB. Due to this device specific format and support for ebooks, there are many ebook formats now known like .epub, .mobi, .pdf (web pdf). Prc, etc. And Ebook Conversion Services help getting these formats created with the help of one manuscript (input document, which can a Word file, a PDF file, Indd file, or html file).

Benefits of eBook

Ebooks have several benefits over paperback books and here I list those benefits:

  • Ebooks cost less in comparison to paperback books.
  • Ebooks have no weight; one can carry 100s of ebooks in a device, such as kindle, iPad, smartphone; the only weight will be of the device.
  • Ebooks can be read easily and anywhere, for example, while going to college, sitting in the cafeteria, etc.; a small device allows you to read any ebook you have with your own comfort.
  • Navigation is much easier and faster than paperback books; click the hyperlink on the Contents page or end note, and you will be jumped to the targeted area. And, if you need to move to another area then open Contents page and visit the related section without scrolling to the complete book.
  • Bookmarking is easier and you can also highlight the text for ease of reading.
  • Readability can be adjusted by selecting the required font size; yes, you can enlarge or reduce the font size.

These are some of the benefits of ebooks.

Now, I have discussed what ebook conversion is and what the benefits of ebook are let me go ahead with Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters.

Ebook Conversion Services

Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters

When it comes to convert a Word document or a PDF to an ebook, many individuals start doing Google searching Free Ebook Converters so that the job can be done quickly and without hiring a company or a freelancer. Ebook converters are available easily online, but my question is “should you really use them, if you want a quality conversion.”

According to me, one should not use a Free Ebook Converter when:

  • You are sure that you are not much concerned about the quality of the ebook.
  • You are not an expert in formatting a Word Document and creating a perfect PDF from it because if you use an ill-formatted Word doc or PDF for ebook conversion using a free ebook converter then the result will be pathetic. Many times, even the well-formatted document cannot look good with free ebook converters.
  • You are using drop caps in the document.
  • You are using tables in the document.
  • You are using so many images in the document.
  • You are using heavy images in the document.
  • You are using endnotes in the document.
  • You are creating document without styles.
  • Your document has multiple headings, sub-headings, italics, numbered lists, bullet lists, bold, and underlines.

If any one of the above points is true then you must not use a free ebook converter and why only free, not even paid ebook converter because the result will depend upon the combination of above points.

What to use if no free ebook converters

Yes, I am coming to this point. So, if a free ebook converter cannot be an option then what shall you go with. The best solution for ebook conversions when the output format is epub, .mobi, prc, or pdf (web pdf) is Ebook Conversion Services.

Ebook Conversion Services get you a finished ebook, which looks almost, and in maximum case, similar to paperback book, but with digital advantages. With the help of ebook conversion services, you can get those things done that cannot be achieved using ebook converters, for example, endnotes, tables, and drop caps. Yes, these are the things that you cannot get with ebook converters.

Benefits of Ebook Conversion Services

Ebook Conversion Services have many benefits over ebook converters and here are those benefits:

  • Quality work is guaranteed.
  • You can expect the same look and layout for your ebook as in the PaperBack book.
  • You can get the features like dropcap, images, endnotes, two-sided clickable endnotes, clickable Table of Contents, links on images, quick navigation, TOC placement as per the requirement, etc.
  • You will have no need to format the manuscript with styles; you can simply provide the manually set manuscript using hard enter, page breaks, tabs, etc.
  • You can get an ebook created in multiple formats like ePUB, MOBI, PDF, etc.
  • You can provide one input and will get many output formats.
  • There is no scope of validation error at the time you submit the ebook to sellers like Smashwords, BookBaby, and Amazon Kindle, because the solution provider will validate the ebook against idbf.org guidelines and therefore, you will only get the best results, which are ready to use.
  • You will get ePUB, which can be submitted to any aggregator / seller including smashwords, lulu.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • You can anytime get the ebook updated with the modifications you do later on; it saves you money and time, which is wasted in getting ebook conversion from scratch each time you do with converters.
  • If you already have an ebook, which you want to update with new text or want to get your ebook rectified against idbf.org guidelines, then ebook conversion services can help you get this done.

These are the benefits of ebook conversion services and probably “Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters.”

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