Typesetting and Pagination Services

We provide high quality Typesetting and Pagination Services for novels, books, recipe, etc. For more than 2 years, we have been providing typesetting and pagination services for Novel, Books, Templates, etc.

Adobe InDesign is one of the most preferred tools in the publishing industry, which is used for Pagination of Novels, Books, and Magazines. We are providing Typesetting and Pagination Services for Novel, Books, etc. using InDesign.

Why should you hire us for Typesetting and Pagination Services

  • So far, we have done an array of Typesetting and Pagination projects for Novel,  Books with images, and Templates. And, in all projects, we have full customer satisfaction.
  • We have paginated Novels and Books for clients who wanted to get their novels and books printed with CreateSpace, LightingSource, and other printers. CreateSpace and LightingSource are two well-known printers in the world. Hence, we are experienced with pagination for CreateSpace and LightingSource.
  • We can provide you with final PDF having embedded fonts while complying with PDF publishing standards, if required.
  • We ensure you with on time delivery while ensuring quality.
  • We do free editing until you are happy with the result; however, in case, you ask us to add some text or image in the file after the project is done then that will be an extra cost and the cost will depend upon the amount of text to be added. We offer free editing, if it is our fault.
  • We are always fast at replying to clients’ messages, even after the project is delivered.

Should you have any query related to my Typesetting and Pagination Services, or you need a quote for your Typesetting and Pagination project, then kindly contact us at contact@vanzzsolutions.com or visit the Quote page.

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