Smashwords Formatting Services

Smashwords is an aggregator/distributor of ebooks that help publishers to publish ebooks in several formats by accepting a well-formatted Word Document or an epub. Smashwords then converts that well formatted Word Document or epub to create different versions of ebooks using an automated tool.

We have good knowledge of “How Smashwords Autovetter works” to convert your Word doc into different ebook formats; therefore, our smashwords formatting services ensure that your word doc will be accepted by Smashwords Premium Catalog for publishing into different formats.

Our smashwords formatting services include formatting the Word document and making it ready for Smashwords. And, if required, we create ePUB too for submitting to Smashwords.

Why Should you Hire us for Smashwords Formatting Services

  • Experience: So far, we have done an array of smashwords formatting projects, and on each project, we have 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Experience in MS Word: We have been using Microsoft Word for more than 7 years; hence, we know how to create styles and apply them as per the requirements to get my clients a smashwords ready document. We are aware of the smashwords guidelines and therefore, we format document accordingly.
  • Experience in creating validated ePUB: Apart from accepting a well formatted word document, smashwords allows publishers to submit a ready to use ePUB, which is validated from Our smashwords formatting services include creating epub plus validating the same with so that the clients will have no problem in the submission.
  • Quality and delivery timings: We ensure you with quality while being on time. If you are not happy with our job, or the document is not accepted by smashwords, then we will be doing free editing or return your money.
  • Support: Many times, clients need support after the project is delivered. We are always available for after project support. We shall always try to reply within a few hours of receiving client’s message ensuring full satisfaction.

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