It is the time for being digital and therefore, the use of Ebooks is increasing because of their benefits. Ebooks are easy to carry on different devices like iPad, Smartphones, Kindle, etc. and can be read with convenience of the reader.

We provide a big range of conversion services pertaining ebooks, typesetting and pagination. We provide the following services:

Ebook Conversion Services

Our Ebook Conversion Services include creating ePUB, Mobi, and Web PDF file formats from different file formats, such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .html. .rtf, and .indd/.idml.

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Smashwords Formatting Services

Smashwords is an aggregator/distributor of ebooks that help publishers to publish ebooks in several formats by accepting a well-formatted Word Document or an epub. Smashwords then converts that well formatted Word Document or epub to create different versions of ebooks using an automated tool. Our smashwords formatting services include formatting the Word document and making it ready for Smashwords. And, if required, we create ePUB too for submitting to Smashwords.

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Online PDF Services

PDF is a part of ebook family and can be read anywhere and on almost any digital device that supports PDF reader. Benefit of PDF over ePUB and MOBI format is it helps achieving a look similar to print version with page numbers. Our Online PDF Services include creating PDF from manuscript, editing existing PDF by creating hyperlinks on TOC entries, creating Bookmarks and side TOC, creating hyperlinks on text, and so on.

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Typesetting and Pagination Services for Novel and Books

In addition to Ebook Conversion Services, Online PDF Services, and Smashwords Formatting Services, we deal in Typesetting and Pagination Services. We have more than 2 years of experience in typesetting and pagination for Novel, Books, and Templates creation.

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Createpsace Formatting Services

We provide a complete range of Createspace formatting services for Black and White books and Color books. Contact us now and we will format book for createspace while offering the best createspace formatting services at least possible cost.

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Children’s Book Designing and Formatting

We have been formatting Children books for many years. We have, so far, formatted a big number of books for different publishers including but not limited to CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Lightening Source, Amazon KDP Print Publishing, and much more.

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Kindle Cover or Ebook cover to Print PDF Cover Conversion

If you have successfully published your KINDLE BOOK and now want to Publish a PAPERBACK or HARDCOVER of the same book, then this Ebook cover to Print PDF Cover is for you.

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Book Upload Service

PDF to Doc conversion

PhotoShop Work

Should you have any query related to any of the above Services, or you need a quote for your ebook conversion project, then kindly contact us at or visit this page.

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