Privacy Policy

Our privacy policies apply only to the information collected from users as an enquiry or order. We can anytime change our privacy policies, if required, and changed privacy policies will be made available on the Privacy Policy page of the site.

Information Collection Procedure

We have not set any procedure or function to collect users’ information when they visit our website. Anyone from any area of this world can anytime visit our site and for any period. We have no issue about the presence of a visitor on our site for hours. However, in case, any Trojan or virus attacks our site, then we shall not be liable for any discrepancies that may come to your way.

What Information We may Ask You to Give Us

We ask you to provide information about you only when you either want to avail our services or give us feedback or write us a testimonial. When a user has some queries about our services and pricing of the services then we ask the user to provide us with his/her name, email address, country, service he/she wants to avail, and payment mode. When a user wants to give us feedback and/or write us a testimonial then we ask for his/her name, email address, country, service he/she has taken, and feedback or testimonial.

What We Share on the Website and What not

  • Secured Personal Information: Personal information, such as name, email ID, and payment details shared by a user are kept secret. We do not display, share, reveal, exchange, sell, and/or trade, users’ personal information.
  • Testimonials: We consider testimonials as our awards and therefore, we may publish them on the Testimonial page on this site along with name of the user and his/her company name. Users who have availed our services shall have no issue in this regards.
  • Feedbacks: We take feedbacks as improvement procedures and keep them with us only. However, in case, feedbacks are turnout to be testimonials, we may publish them on our site on the Testimonials page. Users who have availed our services and have given us feedbacks shall have no issue in this regards.
  • Newsletter: We may use the emails of the users who have contacted us to avail our services (whether taken or not), to send them newsletters providing information about our services, our improvements, and our success.

Linking with Others

We may need to put links of third-party websites, such as for several reasons as a part of our website, but we have no control over the policies, functioning, and terms & conditions of those websites. Therefore, we, in no case, take responsibility of those websites and activities being carried out by there.

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