Novel Pagination Tips for Self-Publishers

Novel Pagination Tips for Self-Publishers

Novel Pagination is a process of laying down the pages of a manuscript in a format that you want for your Novel. It may include several things like “how the header will look,”  “how the footer will look,” “if page numbers will be come,” “what will be the margins,” etc.

Paginating a novel is a no worry for professional publishers, but for those who either are new to Novel Pagination or are self-publishers, it is must to understand “how to format a novel for publication.” Here are a few tips that will help self-publishers to get a novel paginated for print.

Novel Pagination Tips for Self-Publishers

Understand Printer’s Requirement

Before you start paginating a novel, you must contact the printer from where you will be getting the Novel printed. Ask the printer about the requirements for printing a novel. And these requirements may include,

  • The size of the novel
  • Top, bottom, left, and right margins
  • Format they accept (PDF, or INDD)
  • Font that should be used in the Novel
  • Size of the Cover
  • Other specific requirements the printer may provide

Undertake Printer’s Requirements

After you have received Printer’s requirements, make a quick note so that you can implement them carefully. Always ensure that you have been implementing Printer’s requirements otherwise, the paginated Novel will not pass the printer’s verification and you have to rework on the Novel Pagination.

Always use paragraph styles to format text

Using paragraph styles to format text in a novel is the sign of professionalism. There are many benefits of using paragraph styles then manually formatting each paragraph. For example, when you use a style, then you can be assured of consistent formatting. There will be no formatting glitches, such as extra spaces and paragraph marks. And if you have enabled “Keep” option, then there will be no issue of “Orphan” and “Widows” too.

Embed Fonts in the Final Output

One of the most important things that you must do while creating the final output file (be it PDF or INDD) is embedding fonts. If you do not embed fonts then the printer will reject the file.

These are a few Novel Pagination tips that will helpful for self-publishers and authors who are new to Novel Pagination.


In case, you are not comfortable with Novel Pagination, or if you do not have time doing it yourself, then hire a professional for Novel pagination.

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