Ebook Conversion Services

Our Ebook Conversion Services include creating ePUB, Mobi, and Web PDF file formats from different file formats, such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .html. .rtf, and .indd/.idml.

Ebook Conversion Services

How Do we Work?

  • Client Comes with Ebook Conversion Requirement, which can be one of the followings:
    • Doc to epub conversion
    • Doc to mobi conversion
    • Doc to pdf conversion
    • PDF to epub conversion
    • PDF to mobi conversion
    • InDesign to epub conversion
    • InDesign to mobi conversion
    • InDesign to PDF conversion
    • INDD/IDML to epub conversion
    • INDD/IDML to mobi conversion
    • HTMl to epub conversion
    • HTML to mobi conversion
    • HTML to PDF conversion
    • Txt to epub conversion
    • Txt to mobi conversion
    • Txt to PDF conversion
    • Scanned pages to epub conversion
    • Scanned pages to mobi conversion
    • Images to epub creation for picture books
    • Images to mobi creation for picture books
    • etc.
  • Client Provides Input Files
  • Input Files are checked to ensure if the required output format can be delivered with the best quality
  • If the best ebook conversion services can be delivered, cost is discussed with the client.
  • If the client agrees to the cost, 50% upfront is requested via PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit.
  • Once the 50% payment is received, I start working on the file and send the first sample for review within 24 hours to 72 hours  depending upon number of pages and input file format.
  • If sample is approved by the client then book is finalized and remaining 50% is requested before the delivery.
  • In case, client suggests some corrections, those corrections are implemented to stand perfect with client satisfaction.
  • Free editing is done (until it is a part of ebook conversion) until client is not happy
  • Even after the book is delivered, client may ask for making corrections in the text, which will be chargeable. But, in case, client finds any mistake, which is a part of ebook conversion service, amendments will be done at no extra cost.

Why you should hire us for Ebook Conversion Services

When it comes to ebook conversion, you have to be very choosy because of quality and acceptance of an ebook as per the guidelines of idbf.org. This is where you will find us perfect. Here are a few reasons that will let you know why we should be working on your ebook conversion projects:

  • Experience: So far, we have done more than 100 ebook conversion projects in which we have accepted .doc, .docx, .pdf, .indd, and .idml as input files and provided .epub, .mobi, and .pdf as output file formats.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Whether it is novel, a picture ebook, a recipe book, or any other book with text, hyperlinks, pictures, tables, and endnotes; we have been getting 100% positive feedback. Yes, we can even create ebooks with clickable Table of Contents and endnotes.
  • No Automated Tool: We do not use any automated ebook conversion tool like Calibre. We use HTML, CSS, HTML, CSS, & XML editing tools to create and compile ebooks. And, might be this is the reason, why we are able to deliver an ebook with the same look as in the provided manuscript.
  • Cost: We are very much cost-effective. We understand the importance of being in a budget and therefore, respect the budget that our clients may have set for their ebook conversion projects.
  • Quality: We ensure you the best quality and unlimited editing until you are happy with the look and feel of the ebook. Yes, we will be doing free editing until it is our fault. For example, if we forgot to mark a text as bullet, which should be in bullet then we will be editing the ebook and deliver the same to you. There will be no extra cost for editing due to our fault even after many days of the delivery.
  • Delivery: We are always on time with projects delivering. However, the delivery timing varies upon the type of ebook. For example, a Novel is delivered sooner than a book with pictures, endnotes, etc.
  • Contact and support: We can be reached easily via an email, and we will definitely be replying to the message within a few hours of seeing your email. We are always good at post-project support as well so no need to worry about our behavior after the project is delivered because we believe in long-term relationship than working only on one project.

Should you have any query related to Ebook Conversion Services, or you need a quote for your ebook conversion project, then kindly contact us at contact@vanzzsolutions.com or visit this page.

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