Children’s Book Designing and Formatting

Children’s Book Designing and Formatting – One Stop Destination for Top Notch Service

When it comes to format and layout a Children book or a picture book, then self-publishers often face problem with,

  • Selecting a program that can generate a PDF as per the Publisher’s requirement
  • Setting proper margins
  • Setting bleed
  • Understanding and following the Publisher’s guidelines
  • Fulfilling the resolution requirement of the images used in the book
  • Placement of text on the images
  • Correction position of text on images so the text does not bleed
  • Upload the final PDF to the Publisher’s site

If you are facing one or more of the above issues, we are here to help you with Children’s Book Designing, layout, and formatting.

What’s our role in making your Children Story Book Live?

We have been formatting Children books for many years. We have, so far, formatted a big number of books for different publishers including but not limited to CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Lightening Source, Amazon KDP Print Publishing, and much more.

We help you with:

  • Layout and designing of your Children story book
  • Place text on the images
  • Setup bleed as per the printer’s/Publisher’s requirement
  • Setup proper margins so text does not bleed
  • Setup 300 DPI images so you do not face Image resolution issues

Publishers/Printers for Which We can do Children Story Book Layout and Formatting

  • CreateSpace
  • Amazon KDP Print Publishing
  • IngramSpark
  • Lightening Source
  • Lulu
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Much more

How Do we work to ensure perfect Children Book Formatting and Layout

The process flows as below:

  1. You send us your manuscript and images related to the manuscript
  2. You tell us the trim size of the book.
  3. You share your design ideas, if any
  4. You share images (not inserted in Word Doc) via dropbox, Google Drive, or any other such service
  5. That’s all; we will do the designing, layout, and formatting
  6. We will send you a perfect 300 dpi PDF, which is ready to upload
  7. If you have hired us for Uploading too, we will upload your book to the publisher’s website too

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