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Resolving ERROR: IOException: Unresolved external XML entity

Whereas is being preferred by self-published authors of ebooks, it may put them in trouble as well especially when they submit an epub file, which is not formatted as per the epub publishing guidelines of And, such epubs often results in the ERROR: IOException: Unresolved external XML entity: ‘’ in OEBPS/Text/Section0002.xhtml Note: Section0002.xhtml

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Smashwords Formatting Facts You Must Know

Before I discuss anything about Smashwords formatting, let me have a brief about smashwords. Smashwords is one of the ebook distributors that allow self-published authors and independent presses to publish and sell eBooks. Smashwords takes a well-formatted Word Document as .doc file or a well-formatted eBook as .epub file as an input and then processes

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Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters

Before I tell, “Why use Ebook Conversion Services than Free Ebook Converters,” let me brief about ebook conversion. What is eBook Conversion Ebook conversion is a process of creating a book that can be read on digital devices like Kindle, iPAD, Sony Readers, Smartphones, etc. Some of the devices, such as Kindle, have their own

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